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Here are a few places to find me and a few ways to contact me!




On Twitter I share my thoughts and opinions, and I looove to connect with people and keep up to date with authors and fellow book lovers. I also love to keep up with the news and the world around me! I spend my time liking and retweeting book, writing, and life updates, as well as talking to people! I would looove you guys to follow me (I’ll follow back!) and check out my account 🙂




On Instagram I post updates on my reading, my life, and my blog! I also often mention things I post on my other social media. I love posting on both my story and keeping up a pretty theme in my feed! I often post mini reviews, current reads, and other thoughts and stuff! I also adore checking out other people’s feeds and their thoughts on books, and finding their other social media!




On GoodReads I try my best to keep you guys updated on all of my reading adventures! I tell you guys what I’m reading, as well as when I start and finish books. I also keep you up to date on what I want to read, and I review books for you guys to let you know all of my thoughts and feelings and ideas! I also update my reading on Listy (same username as always, it doesn’t have a website)




On Tumblr I love to share my writing with you guys! Whether it be my poetry or my little scribbles (which is what I call my little fragments of writing), I love sharing them with you guys! My poetry is one of my emotional outlets, and I just pour my heart and soul into them. My scribbles are little shards of ideas and of thoughts and of dreams. They’re short and simple and I love writing them!




Facebook is where I love to post my drawings, as well as update you all on all of my other posts and social media and such. My art consists of sketches and paintings and all sorts of things! I love drawing people and animals and scenery and everything! I also love book art–bookmarks and drawing characters and drawings book scenes. I work on a lot of projects, some of which I post here!




On Pinterest I like to show off things I love: decorating, writing, drawing, fashion, makeup, and plants! I love to find ideas for my room, colour schemes, ideas for drawings, outfit ideas, and how to take care of different plants. I love looking at different makeup looks and cute clothing items and all sorts of things. I especially like finding makeup and drawing techniques and clothing/room inspo!




I use 8tracks to find playlists and new songs to listen to! I love finding playlists to listen to as I write books and write blog posts, as well as to play while scrolling through social media feeds. I love to listen to random playlists to find new songs to love, and I’ve also started making playlists of my own! I love listening to bookish playlists as well, let me know if you have an 8tracks!


click on the icons to visit my social media!

Follow me on my accounts and I’ll check yours out!

xx Ella


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